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I am wondering the differences between the telecaster cv vs the mustang cv pickup-wise? If anyone can help me out
Two different beasts so to speak. I have a CV 50s tele and it sounds very classic tele-y, very nice. I only played a CV mustang in a shop but thought it sounded rather nice, but not like a tele :)
I was at GC the other day getting strings, and checked out their stock. I was a bit taken back that ALL their Squier guitars below the Affinity line had both very sharp fret ends and rough feeling necks. It wasn't just the Squiers; Jacksons, Ibenezes and a Schecter in the low to mid $200 range also sported some very sharp fret ends. The Schec was $300.
My worn black Epi LSPI P90 now has a new home; a dear friend's son. My friend is no snob, but he is a Gibson guy and it was cool to hear him say that the Epi P90 sounded great, and that his son loved the guitar.
LOL. My MS 450 order had been pending, now it's says it's back ordered... How is it with today's technology, companies can't track their stock? Anyway, no rush...still.
Don't laugh; I'm gonna ask the wife permission to buy a Mitchell MS 450 while it's still on can laugh now. 😆
Going back to GC today, to see if they still have that used FSR Tele...
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Hadronic Spin
Hadronic Spin
Gone. Played a couple of Epis, a Studio and a Pro IV, really liked how they played. They had a (heavy) Squier Mascis that had some wonderful figuring on the Laurel fretboard...almost mesmerizing.

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