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Hi. I saw that you live in Mexico. Are you an expat?
Yes, I am.
We sold our house and most of our belongings in May 2021 and moved to Baja California Sur. We have a home under construction right now.
Hi, I'm a new member who found your thread as I was putting together a listing to sell my red Fender Squier ST-331 locally here in Salt Lake City, UT. Would you be interested in discussing this guitar with me, or maybe you already found one? Also not sure of the US to CAN shipping issues spoken of in the thread. https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZtambVZJWksqQYB5oRxIVJKzAOuGSFgVeYk Serial = A024153
Trying to iron out a few guitar issues with Sweetwater, regarding my Gretsch Junior Jet Streamliner P90...more to come.
When researching the Gretsch I just ordered from Sweetwater, I somehow completely missed the Havana Burst color option. I would have chose that option in a heartbeat. My Ocean Turquoise Gretsch arrives today...

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