When you buy guitars for others and then ponder just keeping them for yourself… NGD


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Oct 3, 2022
I bought these for my work…
…but secretly am excited I can play them, too! Used Affinity Squire Strat and Tele.

Side note: I lead a band of volunteers. Lots of talented folks that love music, have a background on other instruments, but might not have the dough to invest in an instrument they may not pursue past a jam session or two. I can lend them out for a season before they commit. Pretty excited!
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Dana Rudd

Mar 9, 2020
Greybull, WY
I decided to buy two of my great-grand-kids guitars.
Bought an Affinity Telecaster for them. I sounded so good I decided to keep it.
I then ordered a CV-60 Strat. Decided it would be better in my collection.
Finally ordered to Stratocaster Starter packs with amplifiers, and gig-bags. They have to grow into them a little. Both were interested in guitars, we shall see how they take to it.


Doctor Squior
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Jan 13, 2011
I gave couple guitars to my kids back in the day, found out none had the gift nor the interest so...I took'em back :D. Really did !!!


Jan 2, 2023
Palm Coast, FL
Nope, I don't buy another their guitar(s), I let them pick out their own. If it's a gift, I'll pay for it, that's the level of my involvement & commitment. If they ask for guidance or an opinion, that's where I leave it. My only qualifier is the "off the wall" opinion vs "take it home & set it up" potential opinion.

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Dr. Squier
Jul 26, 2018
Backwoods, USA
Yep, a SD modified HSS Fender Strat with locking tuners, strap locks, and equally sweet tweed case. Gave to my cousin. It has been his #1 gig rig since.


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Jun 20, 2015
south of Knox Vegas TN
I don't know, a gitar is a pretty personal choice....if I were in that position, although haven't been, I agree with someone who posted above that they'd let the intended recipient pick a guitar themselves........ I have 3 "gifted" guitars - my wife bought me a Fender 72 reissue Thinline Tele, which worked out well, as I had been shoeing her pics of the same Squier and she thought....natural finish, Thinline Tele, not realizing she could have saved a bit of cash going Squier, but....bless her heart, I ain't complained once, and it's a quite nice guitar, the pickups take a lot of unwarranted criticism, they sound fine to me. My son gifted me a Squier Bullet Strat, and it took very little to get it extremely playable...guess he found a store some years back having a close out sale, and he bought two Strats, giving me the choice of finish when he dropped by with them. The third"gift" is possibly one of the worst acoustic guitars ever made....fret markers were off by one fret starting with the 3rd fret marker being at the second, repeating all the way up the neck to eleven....the neck is so far off it's unplayable - there is no means to truss rod adjustment. My father in law bought this for my bro in law way back when, he never learned how to play. No wonder......I may cut the top off, install a couple shelves, and make a wall hanger for small plants or knickknacks or something

Mikey Mike

Nov 11, 2018
Bellaire, Ohio
I fixed up the only pink guitar I ever had and
gifted it to my daughter.
I should have kept it as she has had it in a
closet for years now...
The only photos I have are from the seller, one looks more red.

I collect (cheap but good boned ones) guitars,
put my spin on them,
mainly to get feedback/criticism and to have
the freedom to create from there!


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