Whats the oldest guitar you own?


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Feb 11, 2020
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Based on a quick check, it looks like Kingston had several different body forms with the same name "Swinga." I've seen the blue one online but also have seen the offset SG version too.

Interestingly, I found the exact same pic as yours on eBay...

I am beginning to wonder whether "Swinga" is a Model name or a Brand name for Kingston. I'm thinking the latter...


Jun 29, 2015
Darn, I should have never parted with my early 70s fifty year old Yamaha acoustic.

I have a 2001 LTD Viper 301 with serious miles on it with fretboard wear to prove it was my #1 electric for 16 years (when I had two other guitars that I barely touched).

I always had many guitars in years before that, so I never actually produced visible wear on them.
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Jan 1, 2022
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@duceditor always thought the Villager was their greatest acoustic -- absolutely love that Hockey Stick neck, from the leftovers of Electric XII -- Fender must've really tried to lean hard into that trend but the Rics had already mopped up the market; they stuck that neck on lots of different guitars -- Have you seen the Maverick? Yikes lol doesn't work the same!

Thrilled that they brought back the Electric XII as a Parallel Universe model, but it seems like they have all vanished from the world? Never see them for sale anywhere ....

Wonderful timeless photo with your wife too, with the double strings in the shot too, amazing lighting, awesome :cool::cool::cool:

Ok I've got to go dig thru the closet; got a couple goodies for you guys


May 29, 2014
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@duceditor always thought the Villager was their greatest acoustic

It really is a remarkable guitar. Fendery not only in its appearance with that, yes!, great 'hockey stick' headpiece. But also in the uniqueness of its very construction. -A metal tube running through the body from the neck block to the tail -- thisso as to allow strength without deadening the wood with added mass.
And of course, it was made in the USA. Imagine that! :)

Wonderful timeless photo with your wife too, with the double strings in the shot too, amazing lighting, awesome :cool::cool::cool:

I remember shooting it well. In the bedroom of the first apartment of our own, after we moved out of the band's shared place. Shot with an early model Nikon F with no built in meter. A gift from Jan. (My first SLR!)

I took the shot -- Jan was sitting on the bed -- wide open with the light coming in from behind.

That made exposure tricky, and the very narrow depth of field made focus (manual of course!) tricky too.

I positioned myself so that that narrow band of focus fell on Jan's profile and her picking hand, letting the blur grow in the foreground to focus the viewer's eyes on not only Jan, but on her playing that fantastic instrument.

Jan with Guitar circa 1969.jpeg

It was such a magical time in our lives! And the photo (for me at least) captures at the same time Jan's youthful beauty, her always present intensity and focus, and the quiet loveliness of a person making music for themselves and someone they love.

Yup! Magic! :)

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Jan 1, 2022
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Oldest is a close race in my stable. Two 'slim jim' style Guilds, fully hollow body. (Is this still considered an arch top?) On the right is '66 T-100D, just as magnificent unplugged as thru amp. Surprisingly loud & clear even with 11-48 Slinkys. My main 'acoustic' guitar.

Now, on the left is a T-50, 1965 serial. Sticker inside & headstock match. I saw for sale on eBay around 2010. When I searched for T50 12 string, there was no information anywhere about such an animal, I was so confused. Purchased sight unseen from Nebraska, for close to fair market value at the time and thought, this thing could be completely unplayable. Got lucky and it was decent enough to dig into it at first. Amazingly unique tone with neck pup only. Looks to me like the headstock broke off at one point, owner went 'screw it' & drilled new tuner holes for 12 string conversion, and added the mother-of-toilet-seat to finish the job. Little vine waterslide is the cherry on top. Repair looks like a quality job, with 4 or 5 studs and puttied over.

Someone played the crap out of this thing, as a 12, frets had double grooves down to like the 6th fret. Eventually had a local guy do new frets and I found a pair of Klusons to round out the upgrade. Sounds like it was a fussy time and he did a nice job. Played great for a few more years and I helped record an 'album' with some friends on it at some point. But the splits in the headstock kept slowly advancing over the years and I became increasingly worried about a breakage situation. So it's sat in retirement for the past couple years, awaiting to meet the surgeon who can make her sing again. Won't be a job for the faint of heart.

Back to the '66 -- I always wished I had that T-50 but as a 6 stringer, could never bring myself to leave it that way, and so a couple years ago I saw its twin hanging at the tiny music shop here in my podunk town, but with two pups and shred zone cutaway, original case. Couldn't believe my eyes, it was the only remotely interesting guitar he'd ever had in stock since I started going there as a kid. He carried Peavey and Alvarez and liked shreddy guitars. Sold it to me for a fraction of its value and was totally indifferent about it; said "I dunno, this old timer bought it new and played it his whole life and brought it here on consignment" .....what?? I might know this guy or have gone to school with his kid or something -- Can you find his info for me please? He never did, it'll always be a mystery.

Ok that concludes my show & tell, maybe I will start a separate thread with other photos if it warrants it.


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Nov 11, 2018
My oldest is a 1964 Teisco Del Ray, the one in the middle,
it's very nice and plays like butter and the old pickups are sweeeet.
I got this years ago from a guy for I believe $160.
He also has a 1958 Les Paul, I haven't seen him for a good while though.


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Jan 1, 2022
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Wowee @glmino I haven't seen too many w matching headstock -- Had one identical in sunburst as a teen which I "relic'd" against a cobblestone wall, gutted the neck pup circuit a'la Billy Jo Armstrong and taped over the rockers to stay on. Sweet stick