Thanksgiving 2022

Loin Lover

Dr. Squier
Jul 26, 2018
Backwoods, USA
I'm fixin' garbage can turkey, 8 pounder. (frees up the oven for other good stuff)
Grilled deer tenderloin.
Bacon wrapped ranch corn.
Dutch oven cowboy wheat bread.

Mrs. Lover is fixin' dressing as we speak.
Vegatable medley.
Sweet taters, aka yams.
Apple and cherry pies.

It is only the two of us, so will have minimal leftovers.

I imagine some hunting, I mean bird watching, and football watching will be mixed in.

Happy Thanksgiving and many thanks to all, whether it is on your calendar or not.
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May 29, 2014
The Monadnocks, NH USA
Jan and I were never big into programmed holidays. But Thanksgiving was far more than most such something special.

The concept behind the holiday -- focusing on how much we as a free people had by God's good grace -- appealed to me. As, of course, did the traditional way of celebrating it.

Our immediate family being small -- we two plus my son and DIL -- we almost always invited others to join us. Those without a family to celebrate with of their own. And this tradition made the day yet more special.

This year, owing to some health issues Jan is dealing with, we thought to go a bit smaller. And the person we had invited to join us decided to travel instead, this to be with his ailing mom -- so she'd not be alone for the holiday. So "small" it truly is to be. Just the two of us.

Still the day shall be special. And appreciated for what it originally meant. Thankfulness for all we have due to God's grace.

Wishing every one of my friends here on S-T -- those celebrating the day traditionally, untraditionally, or (for that matter), not at all -- joy and abundance!


Davis Sharp

Dr. Squier
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Jan 7, 2016
Maryland, USA
My wife has the tables set already. We’re having 20 people.
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Is there a lottery for seats at the table or will you eat in shifts? :)

The most we've ever had for TG is 13: my four, parents-in-laws, bro-in-law and his then girlfriend, a co-worker, and a family of 4 (friends of my mother-I-L, who were in town). Any more that that and it's takeout. We used the kitchen table as a dining table extension so that we could all sit together - ugly in the eyes of a decorator, but functional.