For Sale Random Stuff: Strat Body, Strat PU, PG


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May 17, 2010
SE Ohio
I bought this body, pickup, etc from someone on another forum a little while back. Thought I would do a relic finish but decided to blow it off - I always make a mess of refinishing! Seller (who is real reliable) told me it is alder but it is light (around 3.2 pounds) so I am not sure. Full-size. Tremolo mounting screws would indicate it was drilled for a US spec tremolo, (I guess). Told me the pickup is a US Fender Strat. Two pickguards too.
I paid $70 shipped for the whole mess. If anyone is interested, I would sell for $70 shipped.

DSCN1939 (Medium).JPG DSCN1940 (Medium).JPG DSCN1942 (Medium).JPG DSCN1943 (Medium).JPG DSCN1946 (Medium).JPG