Question about Rose Pickups


Feb 11, 2020
Honolulu, HI
Sigh, a lot of these independent pup and parts maker are often guys who either does this as a side thingy between time allotted for family and work or does this as a small business. When COVID happened, many got knocked out due to various reasons: loss of job, supplies, location, health, etc. Which sucks as this, for one reason or another, killed a lot of valuable skilled/quality/(and often affordable) alternatives to the big boys in the business.


Apr 17, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
So, took the money and ran, huh?

Whatever the case, hope he's ok. My communications with Ken on the occasions we had business were always... tense.

His philosophy always seemed to be 'you have paid for them, I will deliver them, so don't ask. I don't care how many months it's been, I am a busy man'.