Peavey Decade fun.


Nov 19, 2021
Fort Worth, Texas
I’m having a blast with my old Peavey Decade! A friend gave this amp to me many years ago and it has spent most of those years untouched and unloved in a corner of the room. The other day I pulled it out and cleaned the pots and just started playing it. What a fun little practice amp! The tones aren’t earth shattering but pleasant enough and it’s simplicity and small size have a value all their own. It has taken up permanent residence on the first floor of my house along with a Squier SE and is getting plenty of play time.


Mar 8, 2016
Great. White. North.
A good friend started with one of these. We used to get drunk as teenagers and he would take it out on his porch and torment the neighbours. Great sounding little amp and bullet proof. We both went on to get Bandit 65s as a result of it.