New member, very new guitarist


Feb 11, 2020
Honolulu, HI
Hello world. I just ordered a Squier Affinity Stratocaster and I’m very excited. I have an old Samick that I’ve been learning on so my expectations are very high but relative.

Aloooha, welcome to S-T. Eehh, no big, everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up! Nobody jumps on the stage on day one stressing the trem like Steve Vai, or chugging like @Eddie (😆😅😁), or shredding like Gilmore.

Show us yer Sammy and the Affinity (when it comes in)! We love guitar porn here! 😉👍


Nov 6, 2018
Congratulations on getting started with guitar. I have had many hobbies in my lifetime, and guitar is one of the most rewarding. There are always new challenges and new things to learn, so it keeps me engaged and eager to learn more, get better, faster, understand the fretboard better, etc…

What style(s) of music do you want to play?

Do you plan to use a teacher, or go the self taught route?

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