NAD - Peavey Bandit 65


Feb 14, 2019
I swung by Goodwill after work today. The 1st thing I spied was a midsize amp sitting back in the electronics section. It was a Peavey Bandit 65 Solo Series. The price tag was for $29.92. I found a receptacle and plugged it in. The power light came on and no smoke came rolling out. It also wasn't squealing, popping, or crackling. I figgered for the price I couldn't hurt myself much. I paid for it and brought it home. It plays and sounds pretty dang good. It'll also RATTLE the windows. A couple of the pots are scratchy and it's got to be cleaned up. A little soap, water, DeoxIT, and ArmorAll and she'll be purty.



Feb 14, 2019

Gear Acquisition Syndrome of Opportunity.

You may not be in the market, but if something is there for the taking, strike while the iron is hot.

GASOO is also doing the homework, having something in your list, not really looking hard, but you know if the timing is right, but it!!
For real ... somebody had a thread here about this amp in the last few days. I knew what it was the moment I laid eyes on it :)

Hal Nico

Dec 21, 2020
Absolute bargain. I played many gigs using those types of combos. Light and easy to move around and take pedals well especially with some of the emulation pedals around these days like the Joyo ," American sound" if you are looking for fender and other tonal variety :)

IIRC correctly the overdrive channel was rubbish but the cleans were almost Valve like without even trying. Bright and Sparkly but not as ,"Transistor" as would be expected. Tone can be changed by changing the speakers as well :)


In one band I used to use one on top of a home-made powered 100w Speaker cab ( 150W 12" speaker)
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Nov 20, 2017
Hudson Valley, NY
Great sturdy reliable flexibe amp. Be warned though, they are super loud and that is where they shine. I have heard them called a poor man’s plexi and like I said you get the volume up, most people wont now the difference between that and your partners Marshall. Great find and congrats!

gary mitchell

Aug 23, 2019
I played one those for a long time when they came out. I used it in church and used it in bands. It’s a great little amp and that’s coming from a tube man. I liked it caused it sound great and I could just throw it in the car and go, and they are built like a tank. I even put a EV speaker in one and really made it cool. Good score like I said I wish I still had one. I am playing Rivera amp now but a Bandit 65 would be cool to have around.


Dr. Squier
Jan 12, 2010
Virginia Beach, VA USA
I got mine for $20, but it needed a little attention. Link to the back story.