My 2 Strats


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Jan 31, 2023
Baton Rouge
Just posting my 2 standard strats. The black is a 2007 Fender Standard MIM. Today I dropped in a loaded pickguard I acquired with Geppetto 50s style hand wound pickups (model unknown) and the 2nd tone knob is wired to mix the neck and bridge. Also the bridge pickup is positioned in a reverse cant in the pickguard. The Shoreline Gold is a 2001 Standard Squier and loaded stock as far as I know...but looking to buy a loaded pickguard with Texas Special pickups. Both are solid and I actually prefer the feel on the Squier. These bad boys are clean I do say so myself 😎. 20230205_190717.jpg


Jun 29, 2015
Cozy and effective.

I will retire my SG copy that was my main axe for nearly two decades after years of Fenders, and now do everything with my new main guitar, a strat of the last five years, and another one I will get (Squier) and mod.

It’s all I really need.
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