Dec 21, 2013
So, everyone has always made fun of this pedal. It's supposed to just be trash. I saw some information suggesting to use it as a preamp in the effects loop of my amp.

I tried and got a very muted sound, for sure not what people were suggesting. I then found a different video explaining that you just chain Guitar>Boss Metal Zone> Effects Loop IN. This changed everything yall. This pedal is fantastic.

The controls are wildly sensitive so dialing in just about any type of distortion is totally possible. Connecting the pedal in this way basically makes your amp controls obsolete and replaces them with the controls of the pedal itself.

I also put a Fuzz in front of the metal zone to see if it got too hairy, it did NOT. I was actually really surprised at how great the tone was. I'm pumped. Gonna spend some time in the studio today for sure.