Looking for a non-modelling amp


Squier Talker
Dec 14, 2021
Brisbane, Australia
Currently I own a Fender Mustang GTX50 that from time to time freezes and in other it looks it loads the software wrongly and sounds odd, however when it works properly, it sounds great. And yes, it has the latest firmware.

I want something simpler, so I'd like a few opinions on non-modelling amps out there from the big brands as not so many boutique manufacturers are available in Australia.

I play clean tones mostly and sometimes a bit of OD from my Tumnus pedal.

at the moment the Roland JC22 is on my sight (although pricey) and also the Orange Crush 35RT. Any other recommendations for a solid state amp? Please note that I tried the Katana and it's not suitable for my playing.



Feb 27, 2013
San Diego
I hear you man, I think I’ve had three different modeling amps and they are fun, for a while, but it seems like I spend all my time farting around with the settings and FX instead of actually playing the damn guitar.
I’m not sure what’s more popular over there yonder, but what has already been said I’m sure it’s a good start, PV, orange, Vox, fender frontman ,,, are you thinking of staying with solid state or a tube amp?


Dr. Squier
Dec 9, 2014
Can you order from China ? The Monoprice 15w is a stellar little amp full of goodness. I had a Fender SuperSonic 22 beside my Monoprice hooked to an external 2X12" cab and the Fender got sold. By itself with the combo's speaker, it sounds like a good small combo, better than a Blues Junior. It is actually a clone of the Laney Cub 12, exact same amp.