Gibson to finally sell Custombuckers but WOW 😮

Hal Nico

Dec 21, 2020
Fabulous performance! Hmm.. those Fleor.. I'm gonna get a couple of em zebras and finally build that old forgotten LP kit ..maybe I will make a sort of an AFD/Slash thing, thanks!

I'm certain they will sound great in an LP. They are virtually identical to the Alnico 5 HBs I have in this Vintage V100 Les Paul that can sound like this,


Nov 15, 2021
Fagaras, Romania
wow another great piece! And yup those pickups sound fabulous as well. I am now through a AlNiCo phase where I like and search for cheap but nice HBs... Got one kit to build and three clones to retrofit. Will keep the fantastic ceramics on the VE SG and the first gen all mahogany Harley Benton SG . I have something almost similar in my V ( 57 specials) but the thing is a shape that is not human to play so..