Gibson to finally sell Custombuckers but WOW 😮


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Jan 25, 2022
You could get 7-8 Bootstaps for that Price!:eek:

Hal Nico

Dec 21, 2020
Rip-off prices IMHO.

Way better value and choice here,


Slacker G

Sep 6, 2021
As a seller at a ham fest, who offered one price to one person and another price to different person, replied when I confronted him: "If you can't screw your friends who can you screw?" I laughed and told him I admired his honesty.


Nov 15, 2021
Fagaras, Romania
Yup, I’ve heard about a new fad where you cross state borders with your pickup wire.
yeah but think of it as a "free original(?) Gibson (re)wiring kit": when you upgrade or rebuild or Heavens forbid, clone a Gibby you can use the spare wire to do the other interconnects. Remember: wire authentic! and Solder Authentic. Else you won't get the Authentic Gibby sounds!
I built a kit SG clone and now I'm in the process of fashioning a logo for it. How about..Gibbsdottir? Enough of this welp of a Son of Gib...maybe his daughter is pretty...hmm?


Jun 29, 2015
I have never heard any pickups similar
to my real 1961 PAFs. They’re not that warm or powerful and tend to be pretty bright. They’re bright in almost a nice single coil way with a lot of clarity.

Maybe the Custombucker is it.
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Feb 18, 2020

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Umm.....not so sure that is "Extra peace of mind", exactly...

Ray Stankewitz

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Oct 11, 2014
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You could get 7-8 Bootstaps for that Price!:eek:
Well, you could get that many Bootstrap pups if they weren't sold out with no date when they're back in stock. Prolly supply chain issues, ya know.

Could go with a set of G.M., Tonerider, Wilkinson (if you like 16k bridge pickups), Artec or heaven forbid, GFS. $320 is just too out there for ONE pickup. Careful choices could get you five sets of GFS or Artec humbuckers for that price. If we're talking about a set, that's $640 plus tax and it's a good bet Gibby ain't shipping them for free.

A better deal for a big name pup would be the Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pups. I've heard these, they have that warm vintage PAF tone to them. $258 for a set and money left over from your $320 for pots, caps, a switch and a jack.

This is just my personal opinion, only cork sniffers will pay that price, just to say they have them in their axe. I can put together a whole alder body/maple neck HH-hardtail partscaster for under $700 with SD Seth Lovers. Just sayin'


May 29, 2014
The Monadnocks, NH USA
They might be expensive but at least they're quicker and easier than actually practicing. ;)
Might as well spoof this. To even talk about this in depth — to take it seriously — is to realize that you’ve already fallen into the trap. -That this stuff matters more than a little. A very little.

Remind me... How much were people willing to pay for those “pet rocks”?



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