For Sale/Trade For Sale or Trade - Unbranded Tele Neck


Feb 14, 2019
I got this from @squierTony about a year ago. Neither of us know what brand it is. It's definitely not Chinese junk. The frets are as close to pristine as possible. I haven't played it enough to knock the dust off. I don't know enough about neck terms, but I'll give a good try at a description. It's a tad thicker than an SE Squier neck. I'm thinking it's a D shape. It's 42mm at the the nut. It's 23.5 to 24mm from the top of the 1st fret to the back of the neck. It measures 31mm at the 12th fret. It's 57.5mm across the heel. DISCLAIMER - my eyes aren't the best, but I'm pretty sure I read the caliper correctly.
I'd like to get $100.00 for it, or trade for something close in value. I'd be interested in a decent Strat body & neck (like an SE). I'd be willing to add a little boot to even things up on a trade. PM me if you're interested.

20220514_133839[1].jpg 20220514_133847[1].jpg 20220514_133854[1].jpg 20220514_133910[1].jpg