Downpicking speed


Squier Talker
Oct 4, 2020
Whenever I learn something new, I start out slowly and work on doing it right, and then the speed comes naturally. Although there is a limit... a "top speed" if you will for everyone. I learned that as a teen in the 80's when my one friend would crush me at video games. He simply had faster twitch muscles than I did, so not matter how much I practiced, I could never catch him. For chugging, there likely are individual limits. I'm working on Metallica and that's about as fast as I need to go (similar to what @BarnyardShark1979 mentioned).


Apr 26, 2014
I could never get the hang of double picking super fast. I always get hung up, so right from the beginning Ive always tried to down pick everything. I remember the first time i played Master with my buddy (late 90's) he was actually surprised that I could down pick it without any real issues. It is a chugger tho :)


Dec 12, 2016
Well, Im getting there despite life trying to get in the way..ha Jury Duty and home repairs..Whew.

Not as fast as I’d like but definitely much, much faster than I was so woohoo.

Since finding Art of Guitar channel through this thread I found this vid and have been using it , then using the metronome. Made it really click.

Thanks everyone :cool:
Gonna try Ola also, looks like a good practice. Thanks for posting yall.