Can anyone help identify this squier?


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Oct 24, 2017
Western NY, USA
It definitely wasn't a silver sparkle standard at any point because those had a completely different headstock logo and a 2 point trem.

The pickguard sure looks like an Epiphone though, but it could have come from another brand of that era. I know the S310 wasn't the only strat type back then to have those sealed in, metal bottom pickups.

The neck is definitely an early-ish Squier Standard, but the routing in the body doesn't look like an early 6 point trem standard body route to me.

I've got an ancient Hondo pick guard with the same pickups.


Feb 17, 2021
Not sure what it is, however I have an early 2000's (I think 2002) Squire Strat that I cannot find much info on at all. I think it was an Asia only model (I picked it up a couple years ago for peanuts), it has the same pick ups and switch.


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