Amigo Guitars Show in Los Angeles this weekend


Feb 27, 2013
San Diego
I see some nice stuff! I love guitar shows but there dangerous for my pocket book. Have a good time post any treasure finds. I love looking at you tube vids on guitar shows in different states.
I am taking absolutely no money no, I am not, not buying one damn thing ?!?! ,, if I can’t sell anything then I will not buy anything , this is the truth lol I think


Apr 20, 2017
Winnipeg Canada
We used to have some shows like this in Winnipeg. I stopped going after awhile. A lot of it was all the same gear that was listed on Kijiji. There was also a lot of really cool quirky vintage stuff that I wasn't interested in and was way over what I am willing to spend on my hobby. That said if they started up again I'd go. Maybe I could unload my Vox 412. lol


Squire with a Squier
Gold Supporting Member
Nov 12, 2020
Looks like a great place to spend money,…buy some awesome guitars. I got as close as Newport Beach, but couldn’t quite manage the few extra miles to Costa Mesa. I kept hearing a voice in my ear saying


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