A weird spacey pedal. Anyone into ambient stuff?


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Jul 4, 2019
Ohio, United States
Last summer I posted about purchasing the TC Infinite sample sustainer pedal. I have played with it off and on but haven't shared any sounds. No real song here, just some random noodling and lots of spacey drone sounds in the background.

The signal path is this: CV JM guitar, TC Infinite, Fender Mustang Micro, DI to Linux PC, recorded in Audacity.

The Mustang Micro is both and amp/sim and a DI box for this one. It is set to the '65 Twin + Comp amp setting with reverb effect turned all the way down. 100% of the reverb in the track comes from the pedal. The TC Infinite has a Hall of Fame Reverb built in.



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Mar 31, 2018
Kansas City
I like it. I fooled around with the sound bars in the demo and played them like an autoharp, going back and forth between the highest peaks, then randomly selecting spots in the valleys. Fun!

I think my Casino with Lollar P90s, into my Princeton, would sound good with that effect.

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Feb 27, 2023
Nice. I’m a sucker for ambient reverbs and delays. I have the earthquaker devices afterneath, walrus audio lore and the Meris lvx and that one I just haven’t had time to scratch the surface yet.

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