1. M

    Check this out.....

    Let me know what you think. Not really a waltz kind of a guy so I couldn't say where this came from.....but it's all music. For some contrast listen to Chocolate Chip Pancakes on the Soundcloud link below.
  2. C

    P90 parallel/ series and in/ out of phase switches

    Hi, I am trying to wire these p90s similar to the telecaster diagram with two dpdt switches for series/ parallel and in/out of phase but I don’t know where the third wire on the neck pickup comes from. Can I just add one?
  3. PangPang

    Youngest Squier Forum member jamming with a special Squier Skullsilver Telecaster

    - BETTER BE ADDICTED TO PLAYING THE GUITAR THAN TO BE ADDICTED TO PHUBBING Hi everyone!!!! We normally hang out in the surf forum. I thought it'd be okay to post this video with my little girl playing a rare Squier Tele, and we need to trouble all you cool folks and good friends (old or new)...
  4. H

    Squier Contemporary Telecaster Bridge

    Hey, I'm looking at picking up this Squier to use for a partscaster. I'd like to put a piezo system in it and I'm wondering what type of bridge it's using. The string spacing is most important. Anyone know where I can find this info? Stores don't like it when I show up with a micrometer! LOL...
  5. J

    Classic Vibe mods

    Hi folks. I have this Classic Vibe pawnshop prize that has been modified by a previous owner. It’s an amazing guitar that plays amazingly well after just a little bit of setup work. It has a GFS mini-bucker of some kind in the neck and the original stock Fender Alnico in the bridge. It...
  6. unai_os

    Wanted Squier Telecaster Thinline MIK (Cort)

    Hi all, As the title says, I'm looking for an Squier Tele Thinline, made by Cort (pro Tone) between the '96-'98. Here's a pic of this lovely guitar I may also be interested in a fat MIK Tele. Thanks!!
  7. W

    Help me identify my tele!

    I've had this guitar since like 2015 and I have no idea what it is. I've traded/sold it away and regretted it so I looked for another one and couldn't find it. I ended up with mine back, but still have nothing more than the serial and that it was made in Korea. Pups aren't original but...
  8. Sune Andersson

    Squier Paranormal Offset Telecaster - made for to be modded!

    A week ago I bought me an Offset Tele in Shell Pink that I planned to mod right from the start. Not that I don’t like the guitar… I do! I really like how it sounds, how it feels and the looks. But I bought this to see how I could improve it. I have already bought som stuff to make some...
  9. MrOperator

    1st Telecaster Issue Decision Help

    Hey Everyone, I'm relatively new to guitar tech stuff and I bought a used 2016 CV 50s telecaster $400USD $500CAD. It has a forward bow and the truss is maxed out. 3mm at the 8th, finger on 1st & 16th I have the opportunity to return it and pay shipping for 50$ I've googled the issue and the...
  10. D

    Replacement Bridge Plate for Bullet Tele?

    Hello all, I was browsing through Guitar Fetish and came across this replacement bridge plate in the image below. Has anyone ever bought one of these and placed onto a Bullet Tele before (I have a string-through body style)? Does it fit without having to drill new holes for mounting screws? And...
  11. SuiCyco4Life

    Should i buy this?

    Does anybody know what model this Strat is? These are the only pics availiable. Im thinking about buying it. But i would like to know exactly what model it is.
  12. A

    Tuner Upgrades on an Affinity Tele?

    Hi i own a 2015 Squire Affinity Tele, i absolutely love the guitar the neck is great and sounds great the only problem for me is the poor quality tuners that come from the factory, i want to upgrade them maybe for some fender locking tuners? Is there any tuners that you guys would recommend for...
  13. S

    CV tele weight relief

    Hey guys and gals,my wife got me a cv tele for my birthday. Beautiful guitar in white blonde. aparently on the sweetwater wbsite their are four choices on the shade in color and in weight. She got the darkest shade,its almost pink. its a sweet looking color,but... its a brick. Not a deal breaker...
  14. Powerstroke

    I guess i built (stripped) a esquire.

    As i got sidetracked. I took the guitar apart measuring everything and was ready to chop the bridge and route the deal for my sd sh6 bridge pickup. Some reason i have too many projects and the original damage but repaired pickguard went back on my fender tele with the Seymour in the neck so...
  15. Lanaka

    NGD: eBay "Squier Telecaster FSR"

    Oops, I did it again. Bought ANOTHER Squier on eBay. ( Hope I don't regret buying this one as I have NO Idea what this one is. It's listed as a Squier Telecaster FSR in Sparkle...
  16. JRSIV

    Preaching To The Choir...

    As thread title states, I know I'm preaching to the choir...but I'm tired of the qualifications and caveats the guitar community assigns to Squier's Classic Vibe line whenever it's brought up. The "great guitar for the money", "great guitar for what it is" & "great for an Indonesian/Chinese...
  17. sixtysix

    New Revamped Squier Affinity 2021 Line

    Hi all, First post! Don't know if this is the right place since it's about more than just Strats but there's no Affinity board so oh well! Don't know if this has already been discovered (I haven't been able to find anyone talking about it online, though). If you go to certain retailers (such as...
  18. A

    Upgrade with Fender Tex Mex worth it

    A cheap Squier Telecaster Affinity, some soldering and adjustment of the pickguard in order to make the neck p'up fit. No wiring-, pot- or switch change. Groundwire of the bridge p'up had to be enlarged. Sound experience in comparison to the original pickups: Clearer and much better definition...
  19. ToneChaser77

    Fender MIJ Boxer

    Just got an email about these. I really like the red HH Tele. Of course its a little out of my price range tight now but DANG!! Thoughts? "Guitars | Fender"
  20. Hal Nico

    Fleor Alnico V Humbucker+ HSS Strat Resistor Modification.

    I've recently fitted a Fleor Alnico V(5) Neck Humbucker to one of my Strats and also done a resistor modification to compensate for the 500k Ohm Audio-Taper Pot I've used in a 1 Volume 1 Tone configuration. The reason I chose a Neck Humbucker was because at the time I could not find a...
  21. R

    Replacement Contemporary Tele HH pickups

    Has anyone replaced the ceramic magnet stock pickups on the Squier Contemporary Telecaster with Alnico pickups? What was your outcome and which brand fit the stock openings? Thank you
  22. RoyalWe

    Bigsby knock off on Tele?

    Has anyone tired one of these inexpensive bigsby clones from eBay, Amazon. Etc. on their tele? I just sold my Jazzmaster, and I’m thinking about putting one on my tele to have a guitar with some sort of tremolo. I don’t expect to use it much, as I didn’t use the jm’s trem often, but it’s nice to...
  23. Neteel

    I hesitate between Fender Pure Vintage '64 set and Tex-Mex pickups on Telecaster

    I hesitate between Fender Pure Vintage '64 set and Tex-Mex pickups on Telecaster, I lilke a nice clean Tone but not Twang, I like Blues like Hendrix,SRV, Robin Trower and I like Rock( Deep Purple, Pink floyd) I play with a Fender Blues Junior and a Yamaha THR 10, What you will suggest me to...
  24. Neteel

    What do you think of the pickups Stock Ceramic on a Squier Bullet Telecaster Made in indonesia?

    I find them Really good, on Clean and Dirty, do i really need to change for a set of Fender Tex-mex? if yes do I will feel the difference or not? because for me it's a Myth to think Alnico are better than Ceramic Magnets! What do you think?
  25. T

    SOLD GFS Neovin Power Rock Overwound Noiseless Bridge Pickup

    $30 shipped.