1. C

    P90 parallel/ series and in/ out of phase switches

    Hi, I am trying to wire these p90s similar to the telecaster diagram with two dpdt switches for series/ parallel and in/out of phase but I don’t know where the third wire on the neck pickup comes from. Can I just add one?
  2. RoyalWe

    parallel/series push pull for Squire 51?

    Hello! I am currently rigging up a squire 51 with a set of jaguar pickups, and I want to wire it so that the push pull pot throws them between parallel and series....but I can't find a wiring diagram on how to do this. I tried checking out the telecaster diagram, but the 3 way switch and tone...
  3. RoyalWe

    What line/series is this Gibson?

    does anyone remember what this line of Gibson’s were called? I remember when they came out there were several different models. Can’t seem to find them anymore. Shame, they should push this line more I think. Make them more competitive and appealing to those of us who can’t afford an arm and a...
  4. P

    Series Parallel wiring for VM Squier Jaguar

    Hi Has anyone found that the wiring on a Squier VM Jaguar is VERY unlike any wiring you can find in diagrams online? I can't even find the Squier diagram I'm no wiring expert - I can solder and follow diagrams I'm guessing there's more than one way to skin a cat? !!! I want to get a Series /...
  5. W

    Duo Sonic 4-way HELP!!!

    As I want both parallel and series in my Duo Sonic, is there any way that I can mod it to have 1. Bridge only 2. Bridge and Neck Parallel 3. Neck only 4. Bridge and Neck Series? I have modded my tele into 4-way, but wondering if it can be possible for Duo Sonic also. I only see 3-way toggle...

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