1. D

    2005 Squire - looking for advice for a hard tail bridge & P90 options for upgrade

    Hi there, I’ve a 2005 squire strat that I’m looking to modify. I’m looking to replace the old stock trem bridge with a hard tail And change the pickups & electronics from the standard sss to 2 P90 pickups Just wanted to see if anyone has advice / recommendations on the above and if there...
  2. C

    P90 parallel/ series and in/ out of phase switches

    Hi, I am trying to wire these p90s similar to the telecaster diagram with two dpdt switches for series/ parallel and in/out of phase but I don’t know where the third wire on the neck pickup comes from. Can I just add one?
  3. Epi P90s

    Epi P90s

  4. Epi P90s

    Epi P90s

  5. Epi P90s

    Epi P90s

  6. Hadronic Spin

    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Special I P-90 Worn Black

    Well, what was supposed to be a 10 month wait, turned out to be 9 days. I don't know where MF found it, but it arrived today and it checks out. It was not a return, used or anything else. Brand spanking new, packaged from the factory with all the protective plastics in place. Way out of...
  7. B

    NGD Epiphone Casino

    I have been gassing for a Casino for a while now, but I am not ready to plunk down $2700 for an American. A local gun & pawn had one in decent shape for $600 with a case, it had a rosewood board but the pickup covers were already starting to bubble despite the online description saying it was...
  8. Hadronic Spin

    Is the Epiphone Les Paul Special I P-90 being discontinued?

    I've not found any evidence online regarding a discontinuation of the Epi LPSI P90, however, they are becoming scarce to find new. There are three colors, TV Yellow, worn Black and worn Cherry. Now, GC, MF and WWB only list Yellow and Black for sale. SA, ZZ and SW don't list any at all...
  9. ragamuffin

    Anyone else really excited about the paranormal baritone tele?

    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TeleBCParBlk--squier-paranormal-baritone-cabronita-telecaster-electric-guitar-black Most of the new paranormal series is pretty cool, but on this one it's almost like they probed my mind... I've been wanting a baritone, I love p90s, and I love...
  10. wonkenstein

    Do you have a slide - specific axe? Post yours!

    There are always a few conversations/posts going about slide guitar. I dabbled with it for years for an 'effect' or a 'phrase' and never really got serious. 10 years ago it became important to have some slide in my vocabulary, so I decided if I came across something that had 'that kind of a...
  11. RoyalWe


    I’m in the process of finishing a tele-stang partscaster project (it’ll be a little darker when it’s done), and I really can’t make up my mind on what pickups to use. It’s routed for a Tele Bridge PU and a P90 neck PU. I had been thinking to take the GM Tele bridge from a different project of...
  12. cagecafe

    Squier Telecaster Custom ii p90 Mods Suggestions?

    Got this Squier Telecaster Custom ii p90 used about a year ago and still can't decided on some mods. I was thinking P rails but would like to see your mods and suggestions. Thanks
  13. grizmit

    The Cult of TV Yellow

    I love how this little school bus colored Epi is flying off the internet's shelves. In addition to some really nice reviews here by fellow S-T'ers, there are a handful of threads that document the evasive cat and mouse game of trying to snag one - especially on sale for $100 or lower... "Out of...
  14. Paully

    NGD (non Squier content)

    Just pulled the trigger on an Epiphone Les Paul Special I p90 in Worn T.V. Yellow. Musicians Friend is blowing them out in Black, Red and Yellow for $99. They're also advertising an "open box" for $87 and change. Here's the link...
  15. M

    Help me identify this Squier Telecaster w/P90 and humbucker

    Hi guys. I just bought this Fender Squier Telecaster/Partscaster on EBay. The seller doesn't have too much information on it. It is a Squier body with a P90 in the neck and humbucker in the bridge but I do not know if it is an affinity or standard series. He said the pickups are stock but unless...