1. C

    P90 parallel/ series and in/ out of phase switches

    Hi, I am trying to wire these p90s similar to the telecaster diagram with two dpdt switches for series/ parallel and in/out of phase but I don’t know where the third wire on the neck pickup comes from. Can I just add one?
  2. FrFox

    Need help with wiring tone control to bridge

    I've been looking for a way to wire a tone control to my humbucker, it doesn't matter if I wire to the neck tone or to the middle tone, the important thing is that I got all 3 pickups with a tone to use and with little work as possible. I've watched plenty of tutorials on YT and searched for...
  3. H

    Advice on which Strat guitar to buy please!!

    Hi, I’m a complete guitar newbie and am looking to buy my first electric guitar. I was thinking of a Squier Strat, but I don’t really know the differences between all the models. There are 3 for sale near me that I’ve been looking at, and I can see that visually there is a difference between...
  4. FrFox

    First time doing a setup... dive only or floating bridge?

    Yesterday I replaced my strings and it went good (apart from the low E that I have to replace) and so I want to do a setup giving that I have brand new strings and also hoping that a tremolo/bridge setup will at least lessen the problem of tuning instability while using the tremolo. I'm...
  5. FrFox

    I changed my Bullet strings for the first time and i don't know if i did good.

    So yesterday I changed my Bullet Strat strings for the first time and I don't know if I did well (don't mind the absence of the low E, I broke it)... Also I may have swapped string trees during a routine disassembly so watch out for them and tell me if my only paranoid or I actually swapped...
  6. S

    New Old Guy

    I have been playing since I was 6 years old, currently pushing 70 so hard in a few months I'll be pulling it. Over the years I have bought guitars and could not find it in my heart to sell them. The latest is a Squier CV 60's telecaster that is a bit of a freak. It is a double bound, 3 color...
  7. RoyalWe

    What genre is this?

    My band released our first “single” off our new EP yesterday. I’ve been trying to promo it, but I’ve always had a hard time pinning down what genre to call our music. I usually just say heartland rock/country rock, but there might be a better label for it. What would you all call it...
  8. M

    Do Indian Laurel fretboards need to be oiled?

    I own a Squier Bullet Strat and I can't find anything online about oiling Indian Laurel, do you think it's a good idea?
  9. M

    Mods on a new Squier bullet Hss Strat

    I've bought a brand new Hss Squier Bullet Strat a few months ago, and now that I have a little bit of money I was thinking of modding it. I'll definitely replace the nut with a graphite or bone one and also I was thinking about putting locking tuners on it, although I don't want to enlarge the...
  10. Master Gibbs

    Can anyone help me to recognize this guitar?

    Hi buddies, I just received a new squier stratocaster, but i'm not too practice and I can't recognize that. I have the guitar about a week now and i started to notice somethings when i was looking up videos on youtube about squier strats. I can't look up the serial number online, i can't find...
  11. Rossco


    Hi everyone, new to this site! I have owned a squire Strat since my dad gave it to me around 10 years ago. Now people are saying I don’t know what I have Can someone enlighten me? Is it that special? thanks
  12. RoyalWe

    Super Champ X2 questions

    I’ve been playing through an AC15 for about a year now, and I really like it for use with my band, but I recently had my attention caught by the Super Champ X2 and am considering selling the Vox to get one. I tried out the combo at GC and it sounded good IMO, but it was a noisy store so I can’t...
  13. RoyalWe

    What Knobs Look Best?

    I got cream plastics for my firefly 338, but the black witch hat knobs I have don’t really go with it. I’m thinking one of these three styles would be better. What are you thoughts, or recommendations that I haven’t listed...
  14. RoyalWe

    Can anyone ID this pot value?

    Took a look under the hood of the tele bass to tighten a loose volume pot. I’ve been thinking to change out the stock pots for some CTS pots, but I don’t want to change the bass’s tone, so I’d like to replace them with pots of the same value. I tried to surmise what they are, and I’m pretty sure...
  15. RoyalWe

    80's pop tones

    I'm doing a bunch of 80's covers for a themed gig coming up in a few months, and I can't figure out how to get the right sounds for the style. How do you get these tones?! This lead sound The tight, spanky rhythm sound AND/OR The guitar solo sound from Kiss Theres so many more great...
  16. RoyalWe

    Monoprice 15, help!

    Just plugged into my MP15 for the first time since Friday’s gig, and I’m noticing a rather strange sizzling when I play on the low strings or sustain a chord. It’s not an over drive with the note though; It’s as the note is fading this sizzling-hissing kinda comes up, but stops if I mute the...
  17. Reecekeogh99

    Can I fill all these bumps and ridges with wood filler to make body flat so I can refinish

    Hi all quick question. I refinished this squire SE last June and I'm not happy with how it turned out so gonna have a second go at it this summer. I took lumps out of the body using a dremel taking the poly off (smart move using a dremel I know) but I want to know if I can cover the these mumps...
  18. RoyalWe


    I’m in the process of finishing a tele-stang partscaster project (it’ll be a little darker when it’s done), and I really can’t make up my mind on what pickups to use. It’s routed for a Tele Bridge PU and a P90 neck PU. I had been thinking to take the GM Tele bridge from a different project of...
  19. Parliamentchapel

    A little jazzmaster wiring question

    Im looking to rewire my jmascis jazzmaster because of a major grounding issue. I cant find a single wiring diagram online for this version though. If anyone out there can help id sure appreciate it!
  20. O

    Two layers of pickguard film?

    Hi everyone! I just purchased a Vintage Modified 72 Thinline Tele, and removed the pickguard film as usual. However it appeared that there was a second layer of film, this layer was far thicker than the other however I went ahead and removed it. Now, after removing the second layer the pickguard...
  21. RoyalWe

    Finger prints on/in paint?

    any of you ever had this issue? I’m trying to polish my Squier 51 body after having painted it and let it cure for a month, but I don’t seem to be getting very good results. One problem I keep running into is finger prints! After waiting 15-20 after buffing, while trying to remove the old/excess...
  22. S

    Is this Korean Squier legit?

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a MIK Squier and I found this ad. This is a gold logo MiK Squier with CN6... serial number. According to what i found on this forum, it should have alder body instead of plywood and pretty good, for a mik sq, hardware. But, I cannot find anywhere on the internet is...
  23. RoyalWe

    To stay true to the bassist way, or step into the light of 6 stringed frontman.

    To stay true to the bassist way, or step into the light of 6 stringed frontman. For a while now I’ve been wrestling with the notion of starting a band to play the songs that I’ve written over the years. I’ve recently been in my home studio recording a few of these songs, doing all the parts...
  24. ABDrive_

    SE Cosmetic Help

    Hi all So I'm the near future I'm thinking of overhauling my beloved Squier Strat SE, and I was thinking which pickguard would look best? Currently it's Sunburst with a red tortoise pickguard - usually I'd love that, however the grain in the wood isn't very prominent, and it gives the whole...
  25. ABDrive_

    Squier SE Special Strat Mod Help?

    Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum and to guitar modding in general. I've been playing my strat for a year and a bit and I'd like to know what mods I should do to it. I'm looking for a fuzzy bluesy tone, with quite a bit of sustain. At the moment I've installed strap locks and I've been...