1. Cats & Guitars

    Cats & Guitars

    There is just something about guitars that cats are drawn to...
  2. Shaytan

    Brand-new Epiphone pickups being sold on AliExpress

    Over the last few weeks I've been enjoying the heck out of my recently put back together Squier SE, which I've been taking to my band's rehearsals. While it's cool to enjoy my custom guitar (moreover a Squier for all the aficionados around here), it so means my then-main guitar now sits on its...
  3. Epi P90s

    Epi P90s

  4. Hadronic Spin

    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Special I P-90 Worn Black

    Well, what was supposed to be a 10 month wait, turned out to be 9 days. I don't know where MF found it, but it arrived today and it checks out. It was not a return, used or anything else. Brand spanking new, packaged from the factory with all the protective plastics in place. Way out of...
  5. espresso1760

    New Upgrade on The Bullet Partscaster!

    Hello Ladies, Gents, and everyone in between! It's Story Time. I Recently took my guitar to guitar center. In short, I think they broke my humbucker replacing my pickguard. In short of that Short, I was kind of pissed. Then I got it back and heard it. In short, For Players on a budget...
  6. Hadronic Spin


    Well, I've been wanting to replace the composite fretboard neck on my 2020 Epi P90, and wouldn't you know, @MrYeats had just what I was looking for: an older (2015) Epi LPSI with a Rosewood board. We did the buyer/seller thing, and I got the 2015 Epi yesterday, and did the swap today. The Epi...
  7. Hadronic Spin

    Next Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Junior or Kramer Baretta Special ?

    I'm very interested in adding a single pickup guitar; either the Epiphone Les Paul Jr or the Kramer Baretta Special. I've done my online research, watched many YT vids, read lots of reviews and user experiences, only thing I have not done is play these exact models...they never seem to be on...
  8. Illmcchickens

    Need help identifying a two point mij locking trem

    I baught this from an online auction from Japan , I saw this very odd locking trem with no markings , the seller said it was from an early 80s Ibanez and he had it on a modded squire e series , the posts are screw headed and almost look like hex headed neck bolts , I can confirm that it has the...
  9. Leo Jazzmaster

    NGD: Ephiphone SG Worn Cherry P90s, showed up a few weeks late...

    So a few weeks ago I ordered an SG w/p90s from AMS and was just pissed off to the max when FedEx marked it delivered but lost it. (Sorry for the angry post!) Well... on Saturday, a mysterious package showed up under my carport. I brought it inside and immediately realized it was the SG I had...
  10. Leo Jazzmaster

    NGD- unplanned pawn shop Les Paul Special

    Got off work early today, so I stopped by the pawn shop to see what's new. This Epiphone special with P90s caught my eye (been looking for something with p90s since FedEx lost my SG from AMS). There was a nice cable and a flimsy strap in the gig bag too! 20210423_133721 by Leo Jazzmaster...
  11. Hadronic Spin

    Is the Epiphone Les Paul Special I P-90 being discontinued?

    I've not found any evidence online regarding a discontinuation of the Epi LPSI P90, however, they are becoming scarce to find new. There are three colors, TV Yellow, worn Black and worn Cherry. Now, GC, MF and WWB only list Yellow and Black for sale. SA, ZZ and SW don't list any at all...
  12. Hadronic Spin

    My only fan

    ...and only because I promised her some leftover orange roughy...;) I decided NOT to fret L&RC the P-90 since this one has high spots on 16 frets, get what you pay for, so I only polished the frets with 0000 steel wood, cleaned the fretboard and oiled it. I then re-strung "Slabby" with...
  13. Hadronic Spin

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Greetings all and thanks for having me! "A Brief History of [My] Time" Recently retired, I decided to make good use of this situation and return to guitar and make a point of actually learning. I started back in 1980 in high school, took guitar class with a questionable Ibenez acoustic. A...
  14. Captain Simian

    Wanted Looking for a wraparound bridge for an Epiphone SG jr.

    Title says it all. I just bought it and the bridge on it is too high. This is for an important model. Looking to buy or trade for one. Thanks!
  15. S

    Epi les paul - bridge and tuner replacement

    Hi all. Would like to ask a better replacement to the stock stop tail piece, tune-o-matic bridge, and grover tuners of an epi les paul custom. Thanks a lot for the time!
  16. B

    Epiphone / Gibson's Virtual Tech free online service

    Epiphone and Gibson are currently offering an incredible service : you can book a free online session with one of their technicians who will give you advice on set up, gear, maintenance tips and repair for your Epiphone or Gibson guitars. Just thought I would share! https://www.epiphone.com/
  17. Totally Squiered

    EPIPHONE Les Paul SL - NGD and Review

    Howdy Squier Talkers! I recently got hold of a 'sunset yellow' Epiphone Les Paul SL that I've been having a lot of fun with. So, I decided to do a review of it and post it on my YouTube channel. I'd like to share it with you all. It's a fun little guitar with a good sound and some...
  18. ToneChaser77

    $50 Epi JR with Speakers

    Looking at the letgo app today and found this locally for $50. Epiphone Lp Junior. Pretty sure this was the one that came with the Rocksmith Game package several years back as it had stickers on the neck showing fret numbers (3,5,7,9 etc.) I also noticed the same seller had a pair of 10 in...
  19. ToneChaser77

    NGD ×3

    So this past Saturday while vending a local festival(Deep Roots Festival), I ran into an old freind who I haven't seen in quite some time. He plays guitar and collects also so like most of our conversations when we run into each other, we started talking about guitars. I immediately start...
  20. RoyalWe

    Garage sale NGD!

    You’re going to hate me. Today on my way back from the neighborhood grocery store, about 3 blocks from my house, I saw a garage sale sign. I had my wife slow down as we passed, and I saw guitar case. STOP THE CAR! I get out and take a look. It’s lovely, and dirty, epi semi hollow Les Paul in...
  21. drewcp

    NGD - Silver Burst Les Paul

    Today I traded a PRS SE for this beauty. Flash on Flash Off For those that may not know, it has coil splitting and a phase switch, so three of the four knobs are push/pull. And for some reason it has a 2017 serial number but is also marked 2016 This was probably the most “even”...
  22. drewcp

    Epiphone Les Paul 7 String Photos

    I pulled this out a couple days ago to restring and clean it up. Not a new guitar, but not a very common one either. Enjoy! Bridge Tailpiece Headstock Headstock back Fretboard and nut
  23. theflow

    NJLHGD !

    Look what Santa brought me .......... a John Lee Hooker Limited Edition Zephyr !:) '
  24. RoyalWe

    NBD: Vintage Epiphone

    On Thanksgiving night I ordered this beauty from guitar center’s used gear, and yesterday it finally arrived! It’s an amazingly well preserved, all original as far as I can tell, 1970-71 Epiphone 5102 bass (later known as the EA260). I’ve been jonesing for a hollow body to get that thick...
  25. chimneysweep

    For Sale Epiphone Jack Casady, extras

    Next up is my trusty Casady. https://imgur.com/gallery/y1b4K This delicious bass has the lovely walnut back. Plays perfectly, sounds ideal, & light weight. D’Addario Chromes. I think I have some ss strings I can include too. With the 3-way switch you can go from sweet vintage woman tone to...

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