custom builds

  1. yegbert

    Custom shop for Squiers?

    I know Fender has a custom shop for making Fender-branded guitars to a customer’s specifications. But is there a custom shop, within either Fender or Squier, that will similarly make Squier-branded guitars?
  2. C

    P90 parallel/ series and in/ out of phase switches

    Hi, I am trying to wire these p90s similar to the telecaster diagram with two dpdt switches for series/ parallel and in/out of phase but I don’t know where the third wire on the neck pickup comes from. Can I just add one?
  3. Lanaka

    Contemporary Telecaster HH

    I'm looking at possibly buying an used Contemporary Telecaster HH in black metallic to fill a hole in my collection. It's the most affordable option here in Hawai'i at the moment. The only issue is that it's a HH. How hard would it be to convert it to a more normal tele SS configuration (or HS...
  4. RoyalWe

    Tele bridge w/o pickup

    We all know and love the Esquire for its simplicity, and how it’s tone is different from a standard tele playing on the bridge, due to the lack of magnetic resistance from the neck pickup. Well, I wanna reverse it. I’ve got a tele build that’s been sitting for a while and I got to thinking...
  5. theflow

    Flowcaster's now have Decals

    What do ya think ?:)

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